GPA Welcomes Two New Members in Havana, Cuba – by Howard Drutman

Written by Atlanta Behavioral Consultants on August 13, 2015

“The bus stopped mid-block in front of an unremarkable building. For downtown Havana, that alone is remarkable, as almost everywhere you look the buildings (in their state of decay) are either beautiful or repellant, depending on your point of view. Our Cuban guide went into the building while my colleagues and I waited on-board. After […]

A Penny for Your Love: Money as a Means of Child Control

Written by Atlanta Behavioral Consultants on July 8, 2015

We all hear about the negative effects on children from inappropriate parental behaviors. Most of the factors associated with negative effects on children post-divorce center on parental conflict and lack of access to one or both of the parents. Many studies have also looked at the negative effects on children of parental mental illness, emotional, […]

Are you Impressed with Credentials?

Written by Atlanta Behavioral Consultants on July 1, 2015

Attorneys and Judges are often confused about mental health providers’ designations, education, and professional affiliations. Hopefully this article will clear up the confusion. In Georgia there are five licensed mental health professional designations. Psychologists have doctoral degrees (Ph.D., Psy.D, or Ed.D.) and provide psychotherapy, consultation, can diagnose and treat mental disorders, and are the only […]

Are there Practices Standards for Parent Coordinators?

Written by Atlanta Behavioral Consultants on June 24, 2015

We often assist family attorneys by reviewing reports and records of mental health professionals. This helps attorneys put the findings and recommendations in perspective, make sure that proper procedures are followed, and prepare the attorneys for possible cross-examination of the professional. Family lawyers often ask us if a particular parent coordinator has exceeded their authority […]