Atlanta Behavioral Consultants offers both clinical and forensic psychological services. Our consultants provide psychotherapy and evaluations for mental and behavioral health, as well as specialized forensic services in family law legal cases.

Mental Health Services

We have years of experience in the mental health field assisting clients with a broad range of problems. We offer a variety of evaluations and treatment options, including individual, couple, marital, and group psychotherapy. We also provide psychological and psychoeducational evaluations.

Forensic & Divorce Services

Our forensic services are unique to family law cases such as divorce, modifications, contempt actions, and legitimations. We provide a wide variety of forensic evaluations, including child custody evaluations, parent fitness evaluations, psychological evaluations, and substance-related and addictive disorder assessments. In addition to the forensic evaluations, we provide parent coordination services, coparenting counseling, parenting plan development, mediation, and expert testimony on issues related to coparenting and the best interest of children in family law cases.

Collaborative Divorce Services

Divorce doesn’t have to be a drawn-out, heated legal battle between parties. There is a process that utilizes a team approach to divorce. Along with attorneys and a neutral financial professional, we provide collaborative divorce coaching and child specialist services in Collaborative Divorces. We know that maintaining respectful communication, decreasing conflict, and improving the quality of your coparenting will significantly reduce the mental and emotional turmoil a divorce could otherwise have on you and your children.