Consultation to Attorneys

Forensic mental health professionals can function in a number of roles for attorneys. Aside from the various forensic evaluations, we can provide case assistance and consultation to the litigating attorney.

Attorney Consultation Services May Include

  • Testimony about forensic evaluations that we have conducted (Forensic Psychological Evaluations, Forensic Child Custody Evaluations, Forensic Parent Fitness Evaluations, Forensic Substance-Related and Addictive Disorder Evaluations)
  • Relevant research findings on various psychological concepts that are related to psychology, psychopathology, divorce, and the best interest of children
  • A review of other mental health professionals’ evaluations and treatment
  • Evaluations conducted under the attorney-client work product

To learn more or request assistance, please call Dr. Howard Drutman at 678.670.7020.