Parenting Plan Development

Parenting Plans are a required part of the divorce settlement agreement. A Parenting Plan must be written to address all children until they have graduated high school. They must be reviewed and approved by a judge before a divorce will be granted.  We assist divorcing parents in creating their Parenting Plans that are custom fit for their unique family.

Parenting Plans Typically Include:

  • Designation of legal and physical custody
  • Parenting time schedule (Visitation)
  • Holiday and summer schedule
  • Dispute resolution provisions
  • Parental behavior parameters
  • Final decision-making on important issues such as healthcare, education, religion, and extracurricular activities
  • Procedures to handle educational information
  • Communication procedures
  • Transportation of the children
  • Travel protocol
  • Relocation
  • And additional provisions specific to your family’s needs

To learn more or request assistance, please call Dr. Howard Drutman at 678.670.7020 or Caroline Leavitt, Ph.D. at 770.592.0150.