Parenting Plan Development

Parenting Plans are a required part of the divorce settlement agreement. A Parenting Plan must be written to address all children until they have graduated high school. They must be reviewed and approved by a judge before a divorce will be granted.  We assist divorcing parents in creating their Parenting Plans that are custom fit for their unique family.

Parenting Plans Typically Include:

  • Designation of legal and physical custody
  • Parenting time schedule (Visitation)
  • Holiday and summer schedule
  • Dispute resolution provisions
  • Parental behavior parameters
  • Final decision-making on important issues such as healthcare, education, religion, and extracurricular activities
  • Procedures to handle educational information
  • Communication procedures
  • Transportation of the children
  • Travel protocol
  • Relocation
  • And additional provisions specific to your family’s needs

To learn more or request assistance, please call Dr. Howard Drutman at 678.670.7020, Caroline Leavitt, Ph.D. at 770.592.0150, or Ms. Marsha Schechtman at 770.753.4911