Forensic Psychological Evaluation

During a divorce, a judge may order one or both of the parents to undergo a Forensic Psychological Evaluation. The Forensic Psychological Evaluation assesses the psychological functioning of the person being evaluated, looking at their mental status and the presence of any mental disorder. This evaluation is very different from the routine psychological evaluations that most mental health professionals provide. The Forensic Psychological Evaluation must adhere to very strict guidelines to insure that the findings and recommendations meet certain legal standards. Dr. Drutman and Ms. Schechtman provide Forensic Psychological Evaluations that adhere to the high standards that the courts require.

The Forensic Psychological Evaluation Includes:

  • Multiple forensic interviews of the client
  • Psychological Testing
  • Forensic Interviews of professional collateral sources such as personal physicians, psychotherapists, teachers, etc.
  • Forensic Interviews of non-professional collateral sources such as neighbors, friends, and family
  • Review of legal pleadings and relevant documents submitted by the attorney
  • Review of prior physical and mental health records

The Forensic Psychological Evaluation will provide:

  • An assessment of an individual’s psychological functioning, including their mental status and the presences of any mental disorders
  • It will not provide findings or recommendations about child custody and visitation

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