Guardian ad litem Evaluation

The judge may order a Guardian ad litem Evaluation when there are questions about both parents and their ability to parent the children.  The Guardian ad litem is often an attorney, although some counties in Georgia allow non-attorneys to function as Guardians ad litem.

The Guardian ad litem Evaluation Includes:

  • Multiple interviews of both parents
  • Interviews of the children
  • Home visits with the children at each parent’s home
  • Forensic interviews of professional collateral sources such as personal physicians, psychotherapists, teachers, etc.
  • Forensic interviews of non-professional collateral sources such as neighbors, friends, and family
  • Review of legal pleadings and relevant documents submitted by the attorneys
  • Review of prior physical and mental health records

The Guardian ad litem Evaluation will provide:

  • An assessment of the parenting strengths and weaknesses of each parent and their fitness as a parent
  • The temperament and special needs of the children
  • Findings and recommendations about child custody and visitation
  • Recommendations about final decision-making
  • Any special precautions that need to be in place to protect the safety of the children