Howard Drutman, Ph.D.

Dr. Drutman is a psychologist with a specialty in clinical and forensic psychology. His current practice is limited to forensic psychology in family law cases. He regularly provides forensic related psychological services in family law cases such as Forensic Child Custody Evaluations, Parent Fitness Evaluations, Alcohol/Drug Abuse Evaluations, Forensic Psychological Evaluations, Parenting Plan Mediation, Parent Coordination, Co-parenting Counseling, Collaborative Divorce Coaching, Attorney Case Consultation, and Expert Witness on issues related to divorce, psychopathology, co-parenting, and the best interest of the child.


Dr. Drutman graduated with his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Whittier College in 1981. He then pursued his master’s and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology. He received his doctorate in1985 from CSPP-Los Angeles. Dr. Drutman completed a pre-doctoral internship at the University of California, Irvine Medical Center. He also completed an internship and a postdoctoral fellowship at Los Angeles County’s Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center.