Family Therapy

Family therapy approaches assessment and intervention using the family system under the idea that each part is connected or related. From this perspective, therapy attempts to use a family’s strengths and resources to nurture problem solving and support for the whole family group, or for whichever individual in the group has a problem or disorder. Involvement includes the direct participation by family members in therapy sessions, and individuals typically identify who should be included in the sessions with direction from a therapist.

Should we consider family therapy?

This form of therapy can be used to help families learn how to resolve conflicts or interact better with one another. If relationships are rocky, or stressful situations have developed affecting the whole family, it may be helpful to get assistance. Issues addressed can range from parent-child conflict, financial problems or the effects of substance abuse on a family. It can also be effective as part of treating a range of different conditions such as alcohol abuse, chemical dependency, or serious mental illness. Who is involved in the sessions and the length of time it takes depend upon the situation. Sometimes a person may be seeking individualized therapy and family members may seek family therapy to deal with an issue separately.

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